Our Team

Jeff Paulson | Senior Web Developer

Jeff Paulson has been programming websites since windows 3.1 back in 1997. In 2007 he help found X Zone Web, which later became who are now, Kelowna Website Design. Since 2010 Kelowna Website Design has been designing ever more complex and amazing websites for the Western side of Canada.

Jan Charlie | Head of Marketing

Jan is our newly appointed head of marketing. Jan has been issued the task of creating our advertising campaigns for the 2013 year. Since our office is our main source of traffic, we thought it would be great to let the community know who are, and what we do.

Jennifer Epp | Junior Web Developer

Jen is new to the team, but not new to programming. She uses her magical wizardry to get your website looking pixel perfect, and for all sizes of screens!

Brandon Hodge | Creative Designer

Brandon is a new graphic designer for Kelowna Website Design, joining in summer of 2013. Specializing in character and logo design, his talented style and skill sets are definitely worth a second look.