Bears Hate Drones

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So turns out our furry friends although don’t show any signs of carring about drones, really care. Current Biology published an article that basically said the bears didn’t look like they cared. But when the tracked the heart rate, all of the bears heart rates significantly increased. What’re your thoughts?

In a total of 18 flights, bothering a total of four bears, only twice did the lumbering land mammals change their behavior. While most of the time, most of the bears gave the appearance of tolerating the drones among them, appearances can be — and were, in this case — deceiving. All the bears experienced elevated heart rates with the drones nearby, with one experiencing a jump of 123 beats per minute from its resting rate.

Why bother bears with drones? The research team notes that, as drones allow researchers to access more remote areas, it is important to understand the consequences of the drones on local wildlife. The logged heart rates reveal that, even if the bears didn’t move away from the drones, the drones nearby still stressed them out. As drones become more common both in civilian and research capacities, knowing the impact on wildlife can lead to better policy. In other words, a more bearable world, for humans and bears alike.

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