Why we use WordPress

There are many options for a CMS platform in today’s market. At Kelowna Web Design we prefer WordPress. It is the most prevalent, powerful, and flexible publishing platform in the world. Large international companies use this platform to run their high-traffic sites. WordPress has had an online presence for years and you will be be astonished at what it makes possible.

  1. WordPress is free and open source with no hidden costs, size limitations, or inaccessible code.
  2. It is customizable, flexible and scalable so your site can grow without having to start over.
  3. WordPress has an extensive library of plug-ins allowing you to add tools, photo galleries, sliders, shopping carts, forums, maps, and more to your site for great functionality.
  4. WordPress is so simple and easy to use that we can sometimes send a client a username and a password and they work out how to update their own site without any training.
  5. Google loves WordPress so you are more likely to show favourably in search results.
  6. WordPress sites are built on relatively simple and accessible technologies allowing them to show up on iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPad, etc.
  7. WordPress is easy to update for security and new functionality.
  8. WordPress is easy to host with simple requirements that means low costs on development and on hosting.
  9. Because WordPress is open source, there are literally millions of people developing add- ons, plug-ins, themes, participating in forums and blogs, ect for WordPress, meaning a stronger foundation and faster development times for your site.
  10. WordPress has been around for a long time and has constantly adapted to meet the needs of an ever changing market.