The Kimmel-Powered Trump Translator

October 13, 2017 Category: , , , ,

In case you missed it, Donald Trump allegedly told his long-time security chief Keith Schiller “I hate everyone in the white house.”

Of course, the White House denies the story. On his show, Jimmy Kimmel pointed to reports that chief of staff John Kelly is miserable in his job and only sticking it out to prevent Trump from killing us all with one errant tweet. He’s probably denying the story to keep the last few adults in their jobs, thus saving the world. Kimmel also picked up on another threat Trump made towards the media. “At what point is it appropriate to challenge their License”? Trump asked of organizations such as NBC. “Never,” was Kimmel’s response, “that’s what dictators do.”

Based on this, Kimmel  introduced a game of switching out “fake” for “true” and “dishonest” for “honest” in Trump’s many tweets about the media. “That should be an app!” exclaimed Kimmel. We’re all for it. Somebody call John Kelly: we think we can help him out.

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