Keys to Innovation

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Innovation what keeps businesses relevant and challenges their competitors. There is a simple recipe for innovation that is often overlooked by most businesses because they are afraid to push boundaries or are afraid of failure.

The five key elements of innovation:

  1.  Atmosphere. Innovation is not only developed through collaboration and working with others, but it is also driven by the quiet thinkers. So a work environment where both activities can happen is detrimental to success.
  2. Listen. Some of the best ideas might be from your front-line employees, not the case-studies.
  3. Listen More. Customers love to share their stories about their experience with your business or others — both good and bad. Learn to love to hearing them.
  4. Innovative partners. It’s always good to have another perspective from another talented individual,  they may come up with some wild ideas that you never would have dreamed up before.
  5. Perseverance. Life is never going to hand you anything for free, even if you have “the next big thing.” Keep working hard, and everything will work out as it should.

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