5 Simple ways to keep your computer running smoothly

March 13, 2014


Whether you’re spending $300 or $1300, a new computer can be quite the big investment and is an integral part of most people’s everyday life.  We run our businesses from them, we create new and exciting new things with them, we keep important financial information on them, as well as store family memories like photos or home movies.  It’s important to keep your computer well-maintained and protected in order to keep them running smoothly and safely at all times.

So we’ve come up with 5 simple ways to keep you computer running smoothly that you should be doing to your computer. They’re easy and quick changes that you can make for your computer that will ensure it stays performing optimally and in it’s best condition for as long as it can.


1. Automatically Install Updates.  

For most programs on your computer, during their installation it will ask you if you would like to “Automatically Install Updates” to your computer.  I suggest that you make sure that this option is click “ON” for all important and crucial programs that run on your computer.  This way you always know that you have the latest and most up to date version of your programs every time you use them.  If you do not have this option turned on, I’m sure that if you go into the settings (or preferences) for that program, you will find the option to be able to check it off.


2. Pick out a good Anti-Virus Software.

This is a crucial suggestion for anyone using a PC instead of a Mac computer.  PC’s are known to be more susceptible to computer viruses, trojan horses, malware, and other harmful things to your computer.  The best way to protect against these threats are to install an Anti-Virus software on your computer. All Anti-Virus software has different options or added benefits therefore it’s hard to pick out one better program over another.  Doing a simple search or a few minutes of research will be able to help you narrow down exactly what your needs are for Anti-Virus software and choose the one that’s best for you.


3. Uninstall programs that you don’t use on your computer

When purchasing a new PC, there are typically tons of pre-loaded trials/demos to games or other programs that you will NEVER USE.  All they do is take up your available space on your computer that you could be using to store more important things. You’ll be surprised how much extra space you will have on your computer once you uninstall these programs.  It may even run much faster and smoother too.


4. If/When downloading items to your computer, only use trusted websites.

Your parents always told you to never accept candy from a stranger… I feel that this is the same case with downloading files from online sources that you don’t know or are not familiar with. In some cases you may be getting more than you bargained for.  This can often be a trick or ploy to allow viruses and other malware to come into your computer. So please surf the internet with caution and don’t just click on any link that pop ups on your screen.


5. Make the Switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

All computers seem to be pre-loaded with either Internet Explorer or Safari as the default choice for internet browser.  This doesn’t mean that you have to keep using them.  The internet is constantly in a state of change. Of all the internet browsers out there.  The two fastest and most reliable browsers out there are Google Chrome and Firefox. They load pages faster, they don’t crash or glitch out nearly as often, and each program simply seems more intuitive and better to work with than other Internet browsers currently available.


Well there you have it!  5 simple ways to keep your computer running smoothly.  I guarantee that if you make these changes, you will see an improvement in the way your computer runs.

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