I can save my phone from water damage with rice?

March 25, 2014

Save your phone from water damage simply with some uncooked rice and patience.

I personally have yet to see this simple home remedy fail, although I can’t make any promises that it will work 100% of the time.  To ensure that the odds are ever in your favor (when it comes to saving your phone) be sure to act smart as well as fast.  Whether you dropped your phone in a pool, or it accidentally went through the washing machine in your favourite pair of jeans, I’m sure that your phone will be back to normal if you follow these simple instructions.

Step 1:  Retrieve phone/mobile device from the puddle or other water source that you have dropped it in.

Step 2:  Turn phone OFF immediately to save your phone from potentially short circuiting.

Step 3: Remove all covers/backplate from the phone and take out the battery. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to dry off and absorb as much water as you can from the external part of the phone.

** Note: Try to avoid moving the phone excessively to reduce the odds of water moving further inside the phone to more important areas.

Step 4: Remove SIM card from phone and place in a safe and secure location during the dry out process..

Step 5: Fill a plastic bag (or container) full of enough rice to completely submerge the phone battery and device into.

Step 6: Wait at 24 hours for the phone to completely dry out.

I know it’s hard for some people to be away from their phones for 5 mins, so the idea of waiting a whole day may seem extreme… but so does the idea of spending a few hundred bucks on a brand new phone.

Step 7: Once it’s completely dried out, you may now re-insert your battery, SIM card, cover plate, and any fun covers that you may own so you can now test to see how your phone performs.  If the device seems to be booting up properly, try making a phone call or play some music to see if your microphone and speakers are working properly.  The last time I did this trick the speaker to my phone wasn’t working at first, but then after an hour or so it magically began to work, so if something isn’t working right away, give it a little time and see what happens.


I wish you luck that your phone/device comes back to life in all it’s glory!  For some more extreme solutions for fixing water damage to your phone, check out this link here at http://www.wikihow.com/Save-a-Wet-Cell-Phone.

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