Most Enthusiastic Man in Show-Biz Will Feature “Everyone” on Forthcoming Album

June 26, 2017 Category: ,

DJ Khaled isn’t a great DJ, but he’s an incredible #visionary, and when it comes to generating #cash that seems to be all that matters. The DJ took a break from exalting his baby boy (“He’s just my best friend, my son and for me, he’s like a prophet to me too. He’s so special to me. I love this boy.”) to tweet the tracklist of his forthcoming album, which reads like a guestlist for the Vanity Fair Grammy after-party. From Rihanna to Bieber, Drake to Young Thug, the DJ is making a play for the song of the summer in this 23-track album.

If you’re unsure, take solace in the fact that the album has been produced by the much venerated Asahd Tuck Khaled – aka as Khaled’s infant son. ANUTHA ONE.


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