Typography and Web Design

August 17, 2013 Category: ,


The use of strong typography in web design is essential to create a neat and clean design that is  legible for the user. Even though the fact that type is one of the most important elements of design, it is still over looked by many designers.

 Good typography is just more appealing!

Many great web designers take different avenues to produce great visual hierarchy and readability. For example, some may use strong bright colours for clear hierarchy where as others may use a black background and large white fonts. But all good modern designs have one common theme and that is minimalism, this makes the type stand out and draws the attention of the reader to the content.

I found a very informative blog that breaks down why type is important and gives screen shots and links of fantastic examples of what great type and web design looks like. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Learn the basic structure of typography ( Web designers can learn a lot from print design 101)
  • Understand the relationship between all the design elements and typography.
  • Choose the right colours, images, types and its size, in order to create a good design.


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