Why we think Google Plus will increase your pagerank

October 11, 2013 Category: , , ,


It is very simple from our perspective, and has nothing to do with anything we have read or heard about Google. If you use Google Plus and have a verified Business Page, your website will rank higher. WHY?? We believe that Google secretly wants you to use there services, and will reward people that do!

Google Plus will rank your website higher!

Here is our Page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/116694100551246214247/116694100551246214247/posts/p/pub

Why does that name have to be so long?? Look at facebooks: http://facebook.com/kelownawebsite

5 Reasons we use and will continue to use Google Plus:

  1. Google Authorship
  2. Google Plus is growing, 25% of all internet users, use Google+
  3. Google Hangouts, a great way to chat with colleagues
  4. Visually Impressive, look at our page, look how nice it is!
  5. IT’S OWNED BY GOOGLE! They haven’t led us wrong yet..

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