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The article, Coercive Pay-2-Play Techniques by Daniel Cookwas a very interesting read. It paints a picture of an entitled gamer complaining about how companies are trying to get his hard earned money from him. Granted it makes some compelling arguments about video game business practices, but that is not the overall point of this article.


Polarized views backed by mere opinions fails to move the science and craft (and ethics) of making games forward.


The point of this article was to illustrate that even well written rants are still rants. Compared to other, more established industries, the video game industry is still in its infancy. It is constantly growing and changing. It is up to the us, the consumer, to mould this new industry into something better.

To actually bring the video game industry forward we should be open minded and willing to try new things.  We  should be praising  game developers for taking chances with new IPs, mechanics, and themes.  We should be supporting those developers that bring quality games to the public and shun those that force-feed the same old, uninspired, shooters or sport titles.

Making informed choices about what games we spend our money on is one way we, the consumer, have control over how this industry evolves.




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