The 5 Website “Must-Haves” For Your Business

June 9, 2014

What would you say if I told you that there was a guaranteed way to increase sales, build better relationships with your customers, and increase the reputation of your business, all at the same time?

The way to achieve all of this is all by having a highly optimized website that best serves the needs of your business.

There are an infinite amount of techniques and strategies that you could implement to make your website as highly optimized as possible.

Here are 5 Website “Must-Haves” For Your Business that you should prioritize and invest in.

1) Responsive
The ability to instantly access information from a phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a full desktop computer is a high priority in everyday life. By having a Responsive website, you are able to optimize the look and performance of your website for every type of device to ensure that your customers are able to get the information that they need; no matter what device they may be using.

2) Opt-In / Lead Capture form
For those who aren’t sure what an opt-in form is, think of the last website you visited that asked you if would like to subscribe to their newsletter; flyer; or other special offer. Those are all examples of Opt-In forms. Their purpose is to collect contact information from prospective customers to allow you to send offers and market specific information to those who “Opt-In” for it.

When paired up with some form of auto-responder (service that send out automatic emails when prompted), It’s a great way to market new custom offers while continuously building a positive relationship between you and your customers.

3) Call to Action in Sidebar
Every single page within your website should have at least one Call to Action. This could be a strong command to visitors of your site to “Sign up Today”, “Purchase Now”, etc… The best place to have this is in the sidebar of your website. That way your call to action can be seen on almost every single of your website automatically.

4) Blog/Social Media Capabilities
I know most people don’t like the idea of blogging. Although, by having a few blog posts every month or so, it will increase traffic of your website as well as increase the page ranking of your website by continuously adding new quality content.

Now-a-days people “Like”, “Tweet”, and “Share” things that they find online. Why not allow them to share things from your website with friends and family; all by the push of a button.

It’s basically a FREE marketing tool.

5) Clean/Crisp Images
The online world can be a superficial place. If your images are pixelated, distorted, or just plain ugly, people will see your business as unprofessional and are more likely to instantly click away. Taking the time to have beautiful images that properly represent your brand and company is one of the strongest investments you can make.

There are many stock photography websites that offer great deals on high quality images that will grab the eye and attract customers; Some sites even offer FREE images to use for your website. If your budget allows, I recommend taking the time to get professionally taken photos of products you have to best highlight their features and make them as attractive as possible.

If you have had a website professionally created for you within the past year, then odds are that half of the work is already done for you and all you need are a few modifications to boost the performance of your website.

If not, then perhaps it’s time to think about investing in a new website for your business.

Contact us for a FREE quote on website design today.

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