Ready for a ride?

November 11, 2017 Category: , , ,

The idea of flying cars have for a long time been exactly that, just an idea. A dreaming concept and a long, developing project. But it’s starting to become more than just an idea. By 2020, Uber plans to launch the first flying cars in L.A.

So how will this work? Ubers idea is that first you’ll be grabbing an elevator to the roof. Passengers will tap their phones to pass through a turnstile and access the roof. An agent in an orange vest will take a group of four passengers out to the waiting aircraft and then it’s all done. No more worrying about traffic or being late, just sit back and relax while the aircraft do the job for you.

But there’s still a lot of details that needs to be figured out. How to integrate the air taxi with the rest of the sky traffic is one of them.  But Uber has a legitimate chance to do it, and if everything goes as planned, you should be able to take an air taxi in L.A by 2028.


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