Generate More Traffic to your Website with these tips

April 22, 2014

So you’ve got yourself a brand new/beautifully designed website for people to learn all about your business.

The next step in your online marketing plan that you will want to take is finding ways to generate more traffic to your website. There is only so much Google can do for you on its own, but there are a few simple strategies you could do to increase your website’s traffic and reach those who are in need of your products/services.

1. Create Quality Content
It’s one thing to have a beautifully designed website, but it’s all pointless if your website’s content is not accurate, relevant, or high quality. Spend the extra time to make sure that your website’s primary content is exceptional. This will help build a relationship with your visitors and hopefully convert those visits into sales for your business.

2. Blog writing
One strategy that we highly recommend is to start a simple blog for your business. Blogs are a great way to share the brand identity of your business as well as be show off a bit of your personality to appeal to your target audience. Blog posts can be as simple as showing off a cool video that you found online, showing off new products/services that you provide, display new projects that you have been working on, or getting the word out about events that your business is involved with.

Having lots of quality blog posts is a great way to grow and enhance your website. It will increase your website’s google’s page ranking, which in turn will bring more traffic to your website.

3. Social Media Blasting
So aside from having a modern/up-to-date website, most people between the ages of 16-45 will check to see if your business is listed on some social media platform. Between Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc… there are so many ways to reach and grab the attention of your target demographic.

Hootsuite is an amazing FREE online tool that connects all of your social media profiles together and give you the ability to create 1 message/post to blast to all of your separate accounts. You can even schedule a whole batch of posts to automatically send out during a specific dates/times throughout the week, making it so much easier to stay on-top of your social media pages.

Check it out here at

4. Facebook Advertising
As previously stated, there are millions of users engaged in social media. Facebook is a great advertising tool, giving you the option to create very specific target audiences to advertise to without wasting your marketing budget on those who would be uninterested in your product/service.

This is a more advanced technique than the other suggestions we previously stated. But with a bit of time and research on how to effectively create ads for facebook, you could generate quite a large following of social media users that are interested in you and your product and can advertise to with little cost to you.

So those are our tips for simple ways to generate traffic to your website that ANYONE can do successfully. If you’ve come across any other helpful suggestions on generating traffic, comment in the section below and share with us your knowledge and experience.

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