The perfect gift for christmas

November 30, 2017 Category: ,

Still got no ideas for Christmas gifts? Here’s one that can’t go wrong: Headphones. The perfect gift for any age, and on top of that, it’s something useful and necessary for anyone since music nowadays is available everywhere. On your computer, your phone, your car etc. It’s also great for those moments when you just want to shut the world out and be in your own.

Here are 3 different models:

1. Panasonic Ergofit In-Ear Earbuds Headphones
– Come in vibrant colors and offers more isolation since they’re creating a seal in your ear. Buy for 12$.

2. Status Audio CB-1
– A good pair of budget”Over-the-ear” headphones. Buy for 79$.

3. Bose QC31 II
– Bose never stops deliver great sound, and these headphones are no different. Great comfort, great battery life and a sound worth the money. Buy for 349$.

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