Why you should care about net neutrality

December 16, 2017 Category: , , ,

Earlier this week FCC (The Federal Communications Commission) voted to dismantle its net neutrality regulations from 2015. But not without resistance. The advocacy group “Free Press” have already brought this to court to challenge the decision, probably with other groups to follow. So what does this mean and how would it affect us?

Net neutrality is the idea that internet service providers shouldn’t be allowed to discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to particular sites and apps. Without it, it could mean that you might have to pay more to access the internet content you want.┬áCompanies could make internet slower in order to get you to pay for extra packages, for example. It could crush innovations,which means that new apps and services wouldn’t be able to compete with already entrenched companies, since they would have to try and pay their way to success.

Without net neutrality, the future simply could be stuck in a slow lane.




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