Page Rank and Alexa Rank: Explained

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What is Alexa Rank

The Alexa Rank is an online ranking by the website Alexa.  Alexa is constantly updated but you might see your ranking change day to day. Alexa Rank is based on traffic to your website and considers only one aspect to establish its ranking. Also, you want your ranking as low as possible but the statistics provided is only for informational value.


What is Page Rank

Page Rank is a websites popularity indicator by Google.

Factors of Page Rank

  • Websites linking to your page
  • The number of links
  • The quality of those links
  • Link Placement
  • Quality of YOUR page
  • Content
  • Traffic

Page Rank might actually take up to 6 months between two updates. Therefore, there is no need for you to track on a daily basis the evolution of your Page Rank: your efforts in terms of linking or SEO might take several months before showing results, but the results of Page Rank can actually effect your online ranking.


Both tools are very useful when building your website and a great guide to help you build up SEO. Through proper optimization Kelowna Website Design has moved from the 8 millionth Alexa Ranking to just under the 3 millionth Alexa Ranking, for those who aren’t SEO savvy, that’s pretty impressive. Not sold on the importance of search engine optimization yet?  For more information please visit this website:



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