NASA’s new Satellite will show us weather detail like never before

March 5, 2018 Category: ,

NASA has just released two new satellites into space which will allow us to see weather conditions such as wildfires and storms in details we’ve never seen before. The GOES-16 and GOES-17 were launched March 1 and will allow meteorologists back on Earth a complete view of the Western Hemisphere every 15 minutes, and the Continental US every 5.

The GOES-16 has already been effective in detecting fires with greater focus in any 1000 x 1000 km area with updates by the minute. This allows for more accurate storm predictions and weather movements to aid in getting people to safety in a faster and more secure way. On top of its speed and accuracy, the two satellites working together allows the National Weather Service to capture up to 4 images at a time in up to 4 different locations. The satellites cover a huge area spanning from Africa to New Zealand with other countries such as Europe following suite over the next several years.

NASA predicts this to be the beginning of a better future with mapping the Earth’s weather referring to this as the “honeymoon phase that will only get better…”.


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