Save Your Relationship at IKEA

April 20, 2017 Category:

We’ve all been there: you’re 3 hours into an epic IKEA run, and you’d kill a relative to peel out of the multi-story parkade with nary a flat-packed box in tow. To make matter worse, you’re with your significant other, the person you love more than anyone else in the world. And yet you find yourself plotting their imminent murder.

Comic Jeff Wysaski hears your pleas, and has come up with a respite area to help you. Wysaski snuck this “Relationship Saving Station” into an IKEA, and because of his sleek, on-brand messaging, actually managed to keep it there for a few hours. The real head-scratcher in this story? Why would IKEA take such a useful, customer-friendly station down?

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