Turtle gets a new set of wheels!

May 6, 2015 Category: ,

90-year-old turtle known as “Mrs. T” was the victim of an unfortunate incident. Mrs. T had both of her front legs bitten off as the result of a rat attack. There was little that could be done to repair the damage to Mrs. T’s legs… however the dedicated owner (Jude Ryder) spent up to $1000 in veterinary bills in effort to do everything she could for her loving pet.

In an effort to help restore Mrs. T to her former glory; Ryder’s son, who has a major in mechanical engineering, went to work outfitting the handicapped tortoise with a set of model aircraft wheels held tight to her shell with several dabs of superglue.

Now it appears Mrs. T is faster than ever before. “It was like fitting her with a turbo charger — she’s going double the speed she used to.”

Mrs. T seems to be enjoying her new speedy lifestyle, hopefully her next 90 years will be just as fast and furious.

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