Mobile App Marketing?

September 7, 2013


Today, the more and more connected society is becoming it is only natural that businesses take full advantage of that fact. Today larger companies are experimenting with Snapchat for marketing purposes.  For example, Rebecca Minkoff  used Snapchat to give her fans and friends an inside view of New York Fashion Week .

Using this relatively new smartphone app is a great way to connect with the public for a couple of reasons; they have to follow you in order to receive your self promotion, therefor eliminating the “annoyance” factor that some mobile phone advertisements can have. Also, it gives an exclusivity to the followers to deals, or information, making them feel special over other consumers.

Eight creative ways to use SnapChat:

1. Speedy Snap Responses

Whoever is the first to reply to your Snapchat wins a prize!

2. Snap Scavenger Hunt

Snap users an image of a product they have to find in the store to get a discount.

3.  Hello From Your Company

Just a quick “Hello!” can make you relevant.

4. Build Your Following

Have your Snapchat followers get their friends to follow you. When they send you proof of those followers, reward them all with a fun freebie.

5. Secret Snap Menu Item

Snap an image of a daily special.

6. Snap sales

Snap your customers a coupon or keyword they have to use in order to get a discount or free item.

7. Snapchat Contest

Create a contest where your followers have to list your 10 last snap chats to win.

8. Fill in the blank

As you are able to add text to any image…leave the middle word out and have people guess it on twitter to get a sale.


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