A real catch or not?

January 22, 2018 Category: ,

The new Sony LF-S50G speaker (with Google assistant) is neither a catch or a complete mess up. The Google Assistant works really well with both music apps and answering odd questions more reliably than Amazon’s Alexa. The sound is okay, but the 360 degree shape kind of justifies that with pumping bassy beats in all directions. It’s splash proof  and has no battery. So far, so good. The disappointment begins when you try to use it’s gesture control. None of the gestures work consistently enough. To trigger the right command  you have to move your hand at the perfect speed, distance and direction. Might just be easier to use your voice instead.

So is it a real catch or not? According to WIRED, it’s a decent pick for it’s 200$, but not a catch.


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