A New Era in 3D Printing

April 8, 2014 Category: , , ,

If you had access to a 3D Printer… What would you build?

Like most people, I thought that 3D printers were some brand new fancy technology that came out just recently. Apparently I was wrong! Did you know that 3D printers have been around for almost 30 years now?

This technology has mainly used by engineers for creating prototypes for projects in the past, but now the idea of 3D Printing seems to be a growing trend for the general public. We’re now hearing more and more instances of 3D Printing being available to entrepreneurs and small-medium sized businesses to create their own manufactured products. People are making tools, instruments, clothing, shoes, jewellery, art, medical supplies, and even custom human body parts/implants.


If you can design it… You can build it!

Check out the video above to see what’s the latest and greatest trends in 3D Printing!

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