What you need to sign your PDFs

November 16, 2017 Category: , ,

Time to say goodbye to complicated and say hello to the new, easy way of signing and sending PDFs via email. All you need is a few apps and a built-in software.

Here’s the list of what you need for each device:

For iOS: Use Markup tools 

Before, you needed a third-party app to add signatures to to documents on iOS, but not anymore. Thew new operating system for iOS has capable built-in markup tools that let you edit pictures and documents by adding your handwritten signature.

For macOS: Use Preview (or the trackpad)

You can either use your trackpad or import your actual handwritten signature by using your computers front-facing camera. You can also use Apple’s preview app and a sheet of paper if you want it to be more accurate.

For Windows 10: Use Acrobat reader DC

You need a third-party app to get the documents signed, and the easiest one is Adobe’s Acrobat Reader DC. Here you can use it’s free Fill and Sign feature to add and import signatures to PDFs.

For Android: Use Adobe’s Fill & Sign app 

Download the Adobe’s Fill & Sign app from the play store. It let’s you add both your signature and saved personal information, text to empty fields in the PDF and check marks or x’s to check boxes.



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