The simple letter crucial to both your experience and safety on the net

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It’s not likely you would consider typing “HTTP” before your website URL when surfing the net, however, google chrome has informed its users that internet security will soon be dependent on it. The common abbreviation HTTP, which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol, is what allows us to attain any internet content and allows us to interact with the web. It also can allow for opportunities of negative information to be sent or received as well. The HTTP can be imitated to retrieve information such as your banking information or usernames and passwords.

There is however, a safer means for websites to use to ensure complete safety of their content. HTTPS is slowly becoming the standard to many domains such as Google, and will be labelling any site without that added “S” as not secure. The main difference between the HTTP and HTTPS is a layer of encrypted privacy in which separates your information from the rest of the World Wide Web. The HTTP gets the information you are requesting and the HTTPS creates the secure version of the protocol and ensures no information is not modified or transferred in any way.

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So in a nutshell, ensure the websites you commonly use contain an HTTPS in front of the URL. Especially for use of personal sites which may contain any personal identification.


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