Increase in-store sales through Facebook

November 20, 2013

KWD_Facebook_advertisingThis is a quick guide I put together on how to increase your in-store sales, using online practices. Kelowna Website Design can help manage your campaigns, and get you on the right track for online success!

Focus on engagement first

When making a status, you have to make sure people are going to like and subscribe to your Facebook page.

Example: instead of putting a picture of a homemade soup, put “LIKE if you love homemade soup and the sound of garlic hitting a hot pan”

Get more Likes

Before spending anymone trying to increase your likes, start simple. Ask your friends and family to join your page and only after that, should you consider starting to promote your page to grow your fan base.

Showcase your products

Having pictures of your products is good, however having models wearing your product and giving suggestions on how to pair it with other products works. Be engaging in your listings and try to be unique.

Give something away

Everyone loves free stuff! Offer a coupon code with a Facebook ad. Maybe offer something that isn’t for the customer like donating $20 from every order to your favorite charity when using a new coupon code!

Promote your Posts to reach more people

If you could have 1000-5000 people see your newest post for only $5 in your Target market, would you? KWD can help you with this and track the results!

Read more about this from Facebook themselves.

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