Make like Aziz and Eat Everything

June 21, 2017 Category:

Masters of None Season 2 had a lot of amazing food. From pasta to tapas, hot dogs to the Indian buffet, we finished the season with an empty belly and some big ideas. “Oops, I dropped the Lemon Tart” was featured in the series, and is a real dessert belonging to the “best restaurant in the world. Literally looking like a tart spiked at the ground, the confection tastes like  “lemongrass, candied lemon rind, wild apple mostarda, and a whole lot of cream and sugar.”

Is your mouth watering? There’s more. 8 dishes from the best restaurants around the world to inspire your kitchen skills for the coming months: Buffalo milk curd and rabbit shoulder with chestnut cream and chanterelles. A mango wasabi uni sundae that pairs the tropical fruit with sea urchin. Summer is the best time for produce: make like a world-famous chef and take advantage of the bounty of the season.


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