10 Signs You Should Invest In A New Logo For Your Business

May 21, 2014 Category:

People grow. Businesses expand. Logo’s evolve.

That’s just the way things are. Even some of the largest and most successful companies in the world undergo brand re-designs in order to stay current and eye-catching.

With that being said, how long have you been using your current logo? If any of the following statements apply to you and your company, perhaps it’s time for a change. Here are 10 signs why you should invest in a new logo your business.

  • Your current logo design was created in Microsoft Word.
  • Your logo only looks good when printed in colour.
  • Your current logo uses a photo as part of the design.
  • People often are confused by your logo and are not sure what your business is.
  • Your logo was made by someone who was not a skilled graphic designer.
  • You use more than 2 font choices in your logo.
  • Your current logo design is not in a vectorized format.
  • Your choice of fonts include or heavily resemble Comic Sans, Curls MT, or Papyrus in your logo.
  • You only have 1 layout/version of your logo.
  • You’re still using the same logo design since you first started your business.

If you’re interested in a logo re-design for your business, contact us today for a quote. Our talented team here at Kelowna Website Design will help you take your new logo design to the next level.

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