Rocket Podcast: Nerd Culture in Your Ears

May 1, 2017 Category: ,

Between work, friends, family, and attempting to nourish and clothe yourself all week, it’s easy to miss out on the tech news that you love. Enter the Rocket Podcast: every week, hosts Christina Warren, Brianna Wu and Simone de Rochefort do a speed-round discussion of new comics, tech innovations, games, and books. Hosted round-table style, the cast brings banter and a huge array of knowledge to the table and introduces some much-needed female voices to the world of tech reporting.

Noted as being super enthusiastic, the Rocket podcast has also been lauded for the great chemistry of the three hosts. One review reads “Great points of view, broad coverage of topics.” Pun intended? FIVE STARS, for the podcast and that great joke.

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